My brother a doctor of mineralogy is a teacher in an austrian highschool, but he doesnīt teach mineralogy there. My brotherīs High School students fished this stone out of the river Saalach. They gave him the stone as a present and a gag. The stone should remind him to his High School students.
The stone was lying some time in the garden of my brother till the moment I discovered it. I was allowed to take the stone home and I carfed a Dai made of cherrywood for the "Island". At the 40th birthday of my brother I returned the Stone with the Dai as a present. The "Island", now a Suiseki, decorates my brotherīs home.


Collected 1996
in the river Saalach near Salzburg, Austria
Width:  31,5 in., Deepness:  21,6 in., Height:  7,8  in.
Weight: about 100 lb.
Dai made of cherrywood, stained and varnished.