Biology by team

BIT – Biology by Team is the first Austrian biology contest for Upper Secondary Schools

Students at upper secondary schools, who are especially interested in biology, can deepen their knowledge and
broaden their competence in experimental biology within the frame work of this contest.
Each year, a team of teachers choose modules of key themes on which students work in the form of a voluntary exercise.
The evaluation focuses in particular on the practical work, and, since the school year 2004/05, also on teamwork.

In April, a two-day closing competition takes place, in which six groups of students from participating schools are given various
problems to solve. A jury (persons from the science and corporate communities) evaluate the results and how they are presented.

The concept was developed by a team of teachers in cooperation with the AHS - Department of the Pedagogical Institute in Carinthia.
The first contest in the school year 2002/03 took place under the motto: Hell is loose in the Ground Under Us.
Other themes included Beautiful But Dangerous, www-world wide water 1 and 2 and expedition forest.
The closing ceremony of the school year 2006/07 took place on May 31st and June 1st, 2007 at the BG/BRG Villach St. Martin in Carinthia.
The theme for the year 2007/08 is “Relationship Boxes”. It deals with all different kinds of relations between animals and plants.Currently,
the following schools are participating:
• BG/BRG Mössingerstraße Klagenfurt
• BG/BRG St. Martinerstraße Villach
• BORG Wolfsberg
• BRG Viktring
• Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul
• Österreichisches Gymnasium Prag

BIT was submitted for the German Innovations prize for Sustainable Education and placed among the 13 „best of“all nominated projects.
With these prerequisites the base concept of „Biology By Team“ can be replicated for other science and instructional fields and could
provide an important contribution for the improvement of the subject and also team competence of our youth.